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PRoVisG Project

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Official logo of the PRoVisG EU project.

In the future, planetary robotic missions are expected to focus on in-situ exploration of planetary surfaces and atmospheres.  Such missions typically involve autonomous exploration tools, either surface (rovers) or aerial vehicles (balloons, aerobots etc.).

The Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing (PROVISG) project, sponsored by the EU FP7 (European Union, 7th Framework Program) started in October 2008 and  aims to

1. build a framework for planetary robotic vision ground data processing

2. develop the technology to better process and visualise the existing and future data from planetary robotic missions in order to maximize the value-added exploitation of these data for research, technology and education
3. increase public awareness of planetary robotic missions and the European contribution to their scientific evaluation.

This project brings together the major groups currently working on planetary robotic vision, consisting of research institutions inside and out of Europe, European Space Agency (ESA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the industrial stakeholders involved in vision & navigation for robotic space missions as well as for their scientific exploitation. It will develop a unified and generic approach for robotic vision ground processing.

One important task for the PROVSIG group at Technical University Berlin will be to process a representative part of the US Mars Exploration Rover (MER) imagery to generate 2D and 3D data products such as Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), panoramic greyscale, colour and multispectral mosaics, range maps and a set of representative scientifically relevant results. Rover and aerobot mock-up equipment available at some of the other involved proposing institutions will be used to verify and demonstrate the processing of data which should be a great work experience for the currently envisaged ESA rover missions ExoMars. 

These demonstrations will be performed within testbed tests and a field test campaign. A summer school to be organized at the Technical University Berlin is attached to this final test in  July or August of 2011.  The PROVISG project is carrying out regular dedicated workshops.


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