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Past Projects



Within the Planetary Robotic Vision Data Exploitation (PRoViDE) project, all robotic vision data of past and current planetary missions will be processed in a comprehensive way to the first time. This will provide better means to scientifically interpret existing planetary data. more to: PRoViDE


Künstlerische Darstellung des europäischen ExoMars Rovers auf der Marsoberfläche.
Der ExoMars Rover auf der Marsoberfläche (künstlerische Darstellung).

The Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing (PROVISG)-Project: Processing and analysis of image data from planetary rover missions in preparation of the European Rover Mission to Mars; ExoMars more to: PRoVisG

Europlanet Joint Research Activities

Logo of Europlanet - Research Infrastructure

Within the Europlanet project, scientists will develop the infrastructure for planetary research in Europe, and improve the quality of facilities, models, software tools and services offered. more to: Europlanet Joint Research Activities

Industry Study: Laser Altimeter for Marco Polo

Künstlerische Darstellung der Marco Polo Raumsonde auf dem Zielasteroiden.
Künstlerische Darstellung der Marco Polo Raumsonde auf dem Zielasteroiden.

The Marco Polo mission, currently under study in the context of ESA’s Cosmic Vision Program, is foreseen to rendezvous with a NEA (Near-Earth Asteroid) and to return a sample from it to Earth. Before sampling, the spacecraft will fly in formation with the asteroid to undertake a comprehensive study of the object by a host of remote sensing techniques. more to: Industry Study: Laser Altimeter for Marco Polo



The project European Satellite Partnership for Computing Ephemerides aims at strengthening the collaboration in the domains of the development of ephemerides and reference systems for natural satellites and spacecraft by conjugating expertise of main European research centers involved in space sciences and dynamics. more to: E.S.PA.C.E

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