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Meteor Cameras

Observations of the meteorid-population in the Earth-Moon System

The SPOSH camer, a 360° camera, enables us to observe the night sky for the meteorid-population in the Earth-Moon system. Excursions took place during the last two years for observation campaigns. more to: Observations of the meteorid-population in the Earth-Moon System

Draconids 2011

A meteor Draconids outburst has been predicted by different models occuring on the 8th of October this year. The outburst is expected to produce hundreds of meteors which can be seen by visual observers based in south-eastern European countries. A Smart Panoramic Optical Sensor Head (SPOSH) will be deployed in the Crete, Greece in order to observe the meteor phenomenon. more to: Draconids 2011

Lunar Impact Flashes

Since the first recordings of lunar impact flashes of the Leonid meteoroid shower in the year 1999, the search for further meteorite impacts on the night side of the Moon became more and more important. By evaluating this data, we get a better idea of the meteoroid population in the Earth-Moon system, which is relevant for safety assessment for space missions as well as for life on Earth. more to: Lunar Impact Flashes

Fireball 31.10.2015

On December 31, 2015 our Camera located on the rooftop of Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) in Berlin, Adlershof captured the rare event of a fireball. The same event could be found on the analog footage of the station in Liebenhof. more to: Fireball 31.10.2015

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