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Meteor campaigns

2015 Observing Campaign

The meteor activity just before the maximum of the Perseid shower on the 13th of August was monitored this year succesfully from our observing stations in Greece. During the campaign more than 2,000 meteors were identified in the dataset. mehr zu: 2015 Observing Campaign

2014 Observing Campaign

The meteor observations took place from 31. July to 4. August in southern Greece. Throughout the campaign, a high number of meteors were detected. In total, 423 from Mainalon and 565 meteors from Parnon. mehr zu: 2014 Observing Campaign

2013 Observing Campaign

The Perseids meteor campaign was completed with success! During the campaign the two observing teams in south Greece operating one SPOSH camera each, had the chance to watch the early activity of the Perseids first hand. The cameras recorded hundred of meteors, most of them seen simultaneously from both stations, allowing the triangulation of their trajectory. mehr zu: 2013 Observing Campaign

2012 Observing Campaign

Meteor observations in Greece from 15th to 20th of August using SPOSH and Watec camera systems. mehr zu: 2012 Observing Campaign

2011 Observing Campaign

This year, the early activity of the shower was observed from 22nd to 30th of August from the two observing sites in Greece. Among Perseids, there were found also other stream meteors which were active during the observing period. mehr zu: 2011 Observing Campaign

2010 Observing Campaign

Observations conducted during the Perseids maximum between the 10th and 14th of August. There were two double-stations installed: one in the German-Austrian boarders, in Ramsau and Gahberg and another one in the Greek Peloponesse peninsula in Mts Parnon and Mainalon. mehr zu: 2010 Observing Campaign

2009 Observing Campaign

Meteor observations during the Perseids maximum between 10th and 14th of August. Four observing stations were equipped with a SPOSH camera; Gahberg - Kanzelhöhe in Austria and Mainalon - Parnon in Greece forming two double-stations. mehr zu: 2009 Observing Campaign

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