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Please find time and place of individual lectures in the current timetable of the Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation Science.

Introduction to Satellite Geodesy

  • Definition of stellar/inertial, global/geographic, and local reference systems
  • Basics of solid earth physics, gravity, tides
  • Fundamentals of celestial mechanics: satellite orbits
  • Basic concepts in solar system science, space technology and remote sensing
  • Space exploration: communication, navigation, Earth surveying

Geodetic Methods in Planetary Research

  • Overview of the planetary system
  • Methods to determine size, shape, rotation, and gravity field of planetary bodies
  • Instruments of planetary geodesy: cameras, laser altimer, and radar
  • Photogrammetric procedures and adjustment techniques
  • Surveying of landing sites; analysis of data obtained by palnetary rovers
  • Planetary information systems and visualisation techniques



Calculation of Satellite Orbits

  • 1-body problem: translation, rotation
  • 2-body problem: idealized, classical (J_2 term only)
  • orbit characterization: orbital elements, orbit types, ground tracks, sky plots
  • orbit integration: general/analytical, special/numerical
  • perturbation theory: variation of parameters (Gauss, Lagrange), Kaula's theory
  • perturbing forces: e.g. mass inhomogenities, third bodies, drag, relativistic effects
  • multi-body problem/ephemerides: introduction, construction, integrators

Selected topics of Planetary Science

  • Selected topics of planetary geo-sciences
  • Results of current planetary missions (e.g. Mars Express, MESSENGER, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter)
  • Discussion of latest publications and highlights



Planetary and Space Science Seminar

The students will focus on specific problems from current research at the department for geodesy and geoinformation technology and will work independently or in small groups. Written reports shall be delivered and oral presentations to the entire group shall be made. Also, during the semester, guest lecturers will be invited to contribute with presentations from the various fields of space geodesy, navigation, positioning, and from topics beyond.




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