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Shape Model


As part of the scientific work within the ESPACE project the working group at TU Berlin has determined new shape models for the Martian moon Phobos.

Based on new image data of the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) - which is part of the European Mars Express Mission science payload - a new digital terrain model was computed. This DTM has, in comparison to the model published by Wählisch et al., (2010), much improved. Since 2010, the Mars Express spacecraft had more close Phobos encounters providing the opportunity to observe regions in high resolution with the HRSC that had not been observed in such detail and thus to improve e.g. the shape model.

An additional result is the spherical harmonic function model which was improved by determining the coefficients to degree and order 45 (cf. Willner et al., 2010). The expansion model was the base for detailed analysis of the dynamic environment of Phobos.

Below additional material to the publication Willner et al. (2013) is provided. 

Phobos 3D Data Sets
Data Set
VRML model of spherical expansion
Spherical Harmonics 
VRML model with dynamic heights layer
Dynamic Heights
VRML File 
VRML model with dynamic slope layer
Dynamice Slope
VRML model with HRSC mosaic 
HRSC Mosaic
VRML model of DTM


Shi, X., Willner, K., Oberst, J., Ping, J. and Ye, S. (2012). Working models for the gravitational field of Phobos. Science in China G: Physics and Astronomy, 358-364.

Wählisch, M., Stooke, P., Karachevtseva, I., Kirk, R., Oberst, J., Willner, K., Nadejdina, I., Zubarev, A., Konopikhin, A. and Shingareva, K. (2013). Phobos and Deimos Cartography. Planetary and Space Science. Elsevier

Willner, K., Shi, X., Oberst, J. (2013). Phobos' Shape and Topography Models. Planetary and Space Science, Elsevier.

Willner, K., Oberst, J., Hussmann, H., Giese, B., Hoffmann, H., Matz, K.-D., Roatsch, T. and Duxbury, T. (2010). Phobos control point network, rotation, and shape. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 541-546.



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